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With over 25 years of experience in real estate and real estate notes, Kevin has purchased, renovated & resold over 150 properties, and transacted $30 million in private mortgages. Having delivered over 200 live presentations in the past 10 years, Kevin is a highly skilled instructor and is well known in the industry for his deep level of knowledge on market conditions and trends. Through interviews and solo-casts, you will learn how to combine the best of real estate investment techniques with the best of real estate notes techniques from NoteWorthy’s 2019 Note Educator of the Year award winner, Kevin Shortle.
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Jun 29, 2019

An increasing number of Americans are choosing to live in mobile homes because of practicality. Kevin Bupp, the host of Real Estate Investing For Cash Flowshares how you can capitalize on this growth. As he walks us through his journey towards investing in multifamily real estate and mobile home parks, Kevin discusses the responsibilities that come with it and the necessary aspects that need to be dealt with such as paperwork and infrastructure. He also gets into the lending options for a mobile home park and talks about the funds he creates to get more investors involved in his mobile home parks across the US.

Jun 25, 2019
The FHFA Foreclosure Prevention Reports come out on a quarterly basis. Host Kevin Shortle goes through the one that came out in January 2019 and what insights and opportunities it offers. The years 2019 and 2020 are going to be the years of re-performing notes, and as Kevin goes through this report, he clearly defines what re-performing is, as well as discuss some different techniques that you may not have heard before when it comes to loan modifications, what you can do, and what these lenders through their servicing companies are doing. 
Jun 16, 2019

The beauty of the note business is how it does not ask anyone to be an expert of it to be able to get into it. Ray Trounday, a technologist at Intuit, Yahoo, Shutterfly, and Netskope, came into the real estate world and managed to leverage his passion for technology in the note business. He shares what is in the real estate and note business that appealed to him, what notes he particularly focuses on, and how he used his expertise in technology in note investing. Today, Ray owns and operates NoteUnlimited Inc., a due diligence management portal exclusively created for note investing, helping many investors do their research without over-researching and missing out on other things at the same time.

Jun 1, 2019

Technology has advanced with years that there is now a modern way to buy and sell mortgage notes online. TJ Osterman and Rick Allen, the Founders of Paperstac, a FinTech company aiming to solve the problem in the way trading mortgage notes is conducted, share what they do to facilitate deals that makes Paperstac distinct from other FinTech companies. As they dive into their work of genius, learn their insights on fractional ownership and their thoughts about Millennials taking over the business. Also, find out the value of socially responsible investing as they jump into their Money with Meaning Fund.